Laquoir - Curable Lacquer

A new cure for gel’s oldest problems. A simple, fast & damage free manicure.

What is Laquoir!

  • It’s what we love about polish
    • Simple process – no fuss, easy to learn, ONE product. • Easy to apply – self-levelling.
    • Quick and easy to remove – it WIPES off at 2 minutes.
  • It’s what we love about gel
    • Cures quickly, no waiting for it to dry.
    • Intense colour AND incredible gloss.
    • Long wearing, perfect, no chip manicure.

What it isn’t!

  • It’s not polish
    • Laquoir needs a specific lamp to cure it instantly
    • No waiting around for each polish coat to dry
    • Doesn’t chip and wears for much longer than polish
  • It’s not gel
    • No complex process and expensive training & product kits • Can be removed quickly and easily to change colour
    • ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE to natural nails