Gelish Structure Gel - Brush on 15ml

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GELISH STRUCTURE clear, cover pink and translucent pink
Gel - has the molecular structure that creates a thicker viscosity soak off gel for reinforcing strength, enhancing the nail or repairing a damaged nail plate. STRUCTURE is NOT recommended for nail extensions. STRUCTURE Gel comes in clear, cover pink and translucent pink soak off gel product that can quickly be removed with Soak Off Gel Remover. GELISH STRUCTURE cures in 30 seconds in our LED Light or 2 minutes in a 36w UV Light.

When to Apply:

Structure should be applied AFTER you have applied the Gelish Foundation and cured it.  For the best application, wipe the tacky layer off of your foundation with a lint-free alcohol wipe or a clean dry gel brush prior to applying Structure.