Gelish Structure Gel - pot

Gelish Structure Gel - pot

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Gelish Structure is intended for use on natural nails and just adds a bit of extra strength.

It's is applied just like a polish, and also soaks off easily.

Gelish Structure comes in a small pot, and it’s important to note that it DOES NOT come with a brush so you will have to supply your own.

When to Apply:

Structure should be applied AFTER you have applied the Gelish Foundation and cured it.  For the best application, wipe the tacky layer off of your foundation with a lint-free alcohol wipe or a clean dry gel brush prior to applying Structure.

How to Apply:

Applying Structure is much like applying any polish except it’s a bit thicker.  To apply Structure, dip your brush into the pot and pick up just a small round ball of the gel, and apply a thin coat to the nail just as you would a polish.  Cure under a UV light for 2 minutes, or 30 seconds with a LED light.

Repeat this process with a second thin coat if desired.

After your Structure is cured, proceed with the regular Gelish polish application.