JTTA Sweet Almond Oil

JTTA Sweet Almond Oil

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Classic Cuticle Oils deliver deep hydration action to the skin, cuticles and nails. 

  • 100% natural oil products, the essentials for professional nail technicians
  • High potency antioxidant properties to nourish and protect skin and cuticles
  • Simple, Economical, Highly Effective

Classic Cuticle Oils rapidly re-hydrate the surrounding tissues of the nails giving dry cuticles a healthy, supple glow.

 100% Virgin Almond Oil – unscented, artificial colour free

Soft and soothing to the skin, pure Almond oil helps the skin to balance water loss and absorption of moisture. Suitable for all skin types, pure Almond oil helps relieve irritation, inflammation and itching making it especially good for dry or irritated cuticles.


1) Brush around the edges of clean nails & cuticles 
2) Lightly massage into the nail areas and cuticles 
3) Repeat as required.