1 Laquoir UV/LED Lamp

1 Laquoir UV/LED Lamp

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Lumiere Du Soleil Pro is a high powered LED Nail Lamp specifically designed to perfectly cure Laquoir Curable Lacquer. This lamp has been extensively tested using laboratory methods to show that when used according to the application process with the Laquoir formula, the product is completely cured to specification.

The Laquoir lamp is not available at retail as it has been engineered especially for curing the Laquoir formula. There are many curing lamps available and if you choose to use any lamp other than the Laquoir lamp it may not cure the Laquoir Curable Lacquer formula and Laquoir make no guarantees that successful manicures can result from using a different lamp. Any other lamp may or may not work and Laquoir can only confirm that using the Laquoir Curable Lacquer formula with the prescribed lamp has been tested to ensure proper and thorough curing.

It is essential that the correct process is used when applying the formula. Follow the instructions provided carefully. The lamp has been designed to automatically turn on when a hand is placed in the lamp and automatically turn off after 2 minutes. The lamp will remain on for a full curing cycle (120 seconds) when a hand is in the lamp. Do not use the buttons on the back of the lamp during the application process. These buttons reduce the time and intensity of the light applied to the manicure and will cause the manicure to fail. Only cure painted nails for one entire light cycle (120 seconds) using the automatic on/off feature of the lamp. By following the curing instructions provided, applying thin coats carefully to each nail and carefully removing any product from the skin prior to curing, you will enjoy fabulous looking nails every time you apply Laquoir.

Laquoir Lamp Specifications:
Power: 48W
Light source: 27-33 x 395nm diodes only*.
Diode lifespan: 50,000 hours
*The Laquoir lamp does not cure gel systems that cure at 365/405nm.