Practice Hand - The Luxe Collection - With Gold Sparkle

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Flexifinger products allow nail students and nail technicians to practice new techniques independently without the need for a model.

The unique patented design prevents the inserted nail from slipping or moving , making it easy to practice filing and drilling too.

  • use universal full well tips 
  • no need to glue nail tip on
  • keep the designs you create
  • practice any technique of nail enhancement
  • Spills of polish, acrylic or gels are easily wiped off

Affordable, portable and realistic, Flexihand strives to bring you the best on the market with it’s quality and satisfaction guarantee.

* With unlimited practice at your fingertips, try out your nail skills on a Flexihand today.

Choose your own custom hand! left or right hand. 

This is our new design hand – It has long slender fingers and is in a slightly relaxed pose. This makes it easier to lift the fingers up when using and the other fingers stay out of the way when using it.

It comes with a STAND and your choice of SKIN COLOUR – RINGS are included too!

Flexihand / Flexifinger Brand

Weight =. 0.60kg

Dimensions = 10 x 15 x 20 cm